British Gas have been in contact!

Using your AlertMe, British Gas Hive, Safe & Secure or Iris system.
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British Gas have been in contact!

Post by roobarb! » Fri Oct 06, 2017 1:33 pm

Just when I thought it was safe to migrate my devices...

I'm told via Twitter that "customers affected should be receiving an email regarding their options", but no reply on whether there will be a follow-up to the message below, because there aren't a lot of options presented here:


So it would appear that both of the UK non-Hive platforms based on AlertMe are going the journey now. I wonder how many customers there were for Safe & Secure? I deliberately never collected any such usage statistics through the Alerty app, so I have absolutely no idea how many there might be. The S&S app stopped working with iOS 10 and I can't find much of an outcry, so perhaps that's pretty telling.
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