Is the API dead? Is Alertme finished?

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Is the API dead? Is Alertme finished?

Post by mbuckhurst » Mon Jun 09, 2014 6:03 pm

I was looking into expanding the home automation aspect of my Alertme system, since I now have a 24x7 server, it makes sense to use that to add greater granularity to control the smartplugs etc.

I played with V2 of the API a long time ago, but thought V5 might be better, on reading threads here I realised I needed to contact Alertme for access to V5.

This is the rather terse reply I got from their operations manager

"We are no longer providing access to our API and therefore I will not be able to assist with this. I can also confirm that we are no longer supplying the Home Monitoring service, all available products and services are listed in our shop site."

Is V5 useable without a registering? Assuming I can get hold of the documentation from somewhere?

Or should I be looking for a new system entirely?


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Re: Is the API dead? Is Alertme finished?

Post by roobarb! » Fri Jun 13, 2014 10:44 am

Wow, that's disappointing. When I was last in contact with them (only a few months ago) they were very much in favour of people having API access. Who was it that you were in contact with? Craig Chandler was my contact and he was very helpful.
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