Remote Central Heating- Tee Non British Gas Wey

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Remote Central Heating- Tee Non British Gas Wey

Post by BobbyBrownPants » Thu Dec 13, 2012 2:38 pm

Hi Everyone

I just wanted to get some opinions on the following idea to implement Remote Central Heating using the original AlertMe system.

So, I've got a boiler and connected to it is a normally open thermostat. This means that the circuit between the boiler and thermostat is normally open and this is when the heating is off.

Now you'll need a smart plug for this so you'll need a socket near your boiler. Most boilers use a ring main so it's an easy bit of electrical DIY to split the ring main to the boiler and a plug socket.

Take the Plug Socket, plug it in and call it "Heating"

Get a 3 pin plug and some 3 core flex (Power cable) and wire the plug to one end. Pass the other end into a junction box (just a plastic electrical box) and wire this to a 240V relay switch secured inside the junction box. Rewire the thermostat cable to the relay and then plug in the 3 pin plug to the SmartPlug.

Use the temperature controls on the AlertMe dashboard to "Do More" and trigger the SmartPlug "Heating" on when the temp gets below X and off when the temp gets above X, If you just do this for the home mode then the heating will only be on when you're home.

Use the Night Mode to turn the SmartPlug off and using email scheduling of the cleaver Windows Task Scheduler way mentioned in the forums to set the Mode to Home an hour before you get up.

Thoughts anyone?

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Re: Remote Central Heating- Tee Non British Gas Wey

Post by roobarb! » Sat Dec 15, 2012 11:17 am

Now that's a clever system! Particularly using the already present temperature sensors - the AlertMe hub is very good at controlling things reliably once programmed.

The stickier bit is having to have a separate computer running to send out the 'on' command so the house is warmed before you get home. It might be possible to overcome this using a web service like IFTTT. Add the email address of IFTTT as a contact and AlertMe should respond to emails from them as authorised on your account. Not tested, but it might work!

I've thought about doing a similar thing with a SmartPlug for a ceiling light, but this is a step beyond!
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