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Tiscali take over

Posted: Thu Apr 19, 2012 9:59 am
by terry
Whilst I know that Mary Turner was appointed CEO and came from Tiscali, I didn't know she'd bought her Tiscali friends with her!

I was just reading the management team page of the AlertMe site and saw these:

Mary Turner - Chief Executive Officer
Mary Turner was appointed CEO of Ltd in February 2010. Prior to this role, Mary was CEO of broadband company Tiscali UK from 2001.

Steve Horley - Managing Director
Steve Horley joined AlertMe in February 2010 as Managing Director. Previously he was MD of Tiscali UK’s consumer business from 2003

Sanjoy Bose - Chief Technology Officer
Sanjoy Bose joined AlertMe in April 2010 as Chief Technology Officer and has over 20 years Internet/IT experience. Previously he was CTO of Tiscali UK’s consumerbusiness from 2003

It's no wonder that customer service at AlertMe has gone downhill, it was hardly Tiscali's strong point was it?!